Are 2 BO user groups better than one?

Saturday 28 April 2007 @ 10:17 pm

The current BO partner in Michigan is challenging the former BO partner in Michigan for control of the regional user group. The former partner, CTTS, has a history of sponsoring 3 or 4 very popular full-day meetings each year. According to CTTS, these meetings are well attended and have multiple technical sessions to choose from. I have posted the agenda from their March meeting as an example. More than 75 people braved a snowstorm to attend this meeting. BO provided no promotion, no financial support and no speakers. Their next meeting is scheduled for June 29th and I have also posted the agenda for that meeting.

The official partner for Michigan, DataSpace, isn’t participating in the existing meetings. They have decided to use the power of the BO web site to create (or recreate) the group. They have scheduled a separate meeting offering a half day, single track, format.

The posted meeting description seems to hint that users are unhappy with the current UG management and are looking for changes. However, according to CTTS, DataSpace scheduled a similar meeting a year ago. That meeting was canceled, apparently due to lack of interest. They are trying again, using the same format and even the same primary presentation.

I don’t see any evidence that the desire for change is coming from the users. But, I would love to hear from anyone in SE Michigan. Tell me what you think of the current UG. Are you looking for a change or are you happy with the situation? I have also asked DataSpace to respond and will let you know if they do.

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