VB Quick Reference now includes VBA resources

Thursday 10 May 2007 @ 1:01 pm

Many of you have purchased or have considered purchasing my Quick Reference to Crystal Reports in VB. This small guide includes all of the essential commands for launching and manipulating a Crystal Report from a VB application. Over the years some of you have asked about deploying Crystal Reports from VBA, which is very similar. Some have used my guide to help do this and found that most of the commands are the same since VBA uses the same RDC object model.

One snag for me has always been auto resizing a VBA form. The VB commands are available in VBA but I could never get them to work. I assumed I was doing something wrong and put it on my list of problems to solve someday. This week, one of my customers faced the same problem and did some research to find the reason why. The commands that work in VB are only for reports in VBA. They are not available for forms. He then found a FormInfo class that can be used to get a VBA form to resize the way VB forms do.

I have now added an addendum to my VB Guide with some basic VBA information. If you have purchased my VB guide in the past and are interested in the additional VBA information, please let me know.

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