Multi-page cross-tabs missing page numbers

Monday 16 July 2007 @ 9:49 am

When you place a large cross-tab in the report header, page numbers won’t appear until the cross-tab is complete. This is because the page number is usually in the page header/footer and these sections have to wait until the Report Header has completely printed. So, if the cross-tab takes up 3 pages, you won’t see page numbers until page 4. Some folks have tried putting the page number in the Report Header with the Cross-tab, however this will only print the page number on the first page.

The workaround is to create what I call a “dummy” group. This is a group that contains all of the records in the report. You can then use this group’s Group Header in place of the report header. Group Headers print within the Page Header and Footer. Here are the 3 steps:

1) Add the following formula to your report: WhileReadingRecords; 1

2) Group on this field, and make it the primary group of the report. This won’t change the way the rest of the report works, but it will add a Group Header to the report that only prints once on the first page. It will behave just like a Report Header, except that it will print between the Page Header and Page Footer on each page. You should suppress the Group Footer for this group.

3) Move your Cross-tab from the Report Header to the new Group Header. The cross-tab numbers will be the same since this ‘Group’ contains all records. The only difference is that your have page numbers on each page of the Cross-tab.

If your report will then continue with columnar data, you may have to learn how to suppress column headings until the cross-tab is complete. You will find an example of how to do this in my Expert Techniques Volume I.

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