Using Crystal Reports in VB.NET Express Edition

Friday 13 November 2009 @ 11:19 pm

I recently wrote a blog post to remind developers that you can’t integrate CR into a VB.NET application if you are using the .NET Express Edition.   So I was surprised when a developer wrote to me that he was using the Express Edition to run my sample apps.  These are simple apps that I created for my guide to Crystal Reports in VB.NET.  He said VB wouldn’t let him add a the CrystalReportViewer control onto a form, but if the control was already there he could use it.  He then used the free runtime files that you can download from SAP to run the application.

So it appears that all you need to do if you use CR in VB.NET Express, is to have some source code with the viewer already added.  I haven’t done any tests of this theory myself, but I would expect that some of the sample apps from SAP would work to get you started or the very simple examples that come with my guide.

But even those may not be necessary.  The .NET source code files are simply plain text so you should be able to add the appropriate references to the file using a text editor.  Then you can reopen the file in Express.

If anyone else has tried this method, let me know. (source 4770)

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