So when does Winter start again (or end)?

Sunday 20 December 2009 @ 11:04 am

I had surgery on Friday 12/18.  Nothing serious, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to shovel any snow for a week or so after my surgery. So I intentionally scheduled the procedure before winter snow was likely to be serious.  Heavy snow isn’t common in Virginia in mid-December   Well, as many of you know, this area was hit with a record setting snowfall that started Friday night.  Here is a shot of the snow piled up on my deck.  I think the table (or the “birthday cake” according to my kids) is about 18″ deep.  Fortunately the driveway is  ‘only’ at about 13″.

Added 2/6/2010:

We got another one, and this one is literally twice as deep as the one above.  It may be the all time record snowstorm for many areas here.  I shoveled  three times today while it was snowing and was able to bring the driveway down from 22 inches to about 4 inches but it was still coming down when I quit.

Our deck is even deeper than last time, with a 27″  birthday cake.  The funny part is the hand rail you see behind it.  This is only a few inches wide yet it has a 20″ wedge of snow balanced on it, making little walls on 2 sides of the deck.

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