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Running Crystal Reports utilities on Vista

Friday 28 September 2007 @ 9:26 pm

One of the most popular pages on my site is the LINKS page where I have a comprehensive list of third party utilities that are available for Crystal Reports. These include Viewers and Schedulers as well as tools that do Email, Bursting and host of other useful services. You can also request a short review of my favorite utilities and the tasks for which they are best suited.

This past week I ran into some issues I started using my Vista laptop. Not all of the utilities are are fully compatible with Vista. Some just need to have their compatibility settings adjusted to be run in XP mode. Some need to be run as Administrator. Some do not run at all. For example, currently PDF eXPLODE does not work on Vista (but they are working on it).

If you run into any compatibility issues with Vista and Crystal or a Crystal utility, I would love to hear about it.

Using to keep up with The Crystal Reports Underground

Monday 24 September 2007 @ 8:43 pm

Samuel Santos of USA Today pointed me to a service that sends you an Email whenever an update is posted to your favorite BLOG. The service, provided by, is free and works with any BLOG that supports RSS. Although the terms of service do leave an opening for sending you messages for “new services, and special offers”, Samuel hasn’t seen any significant SPAM originating from the service.

So if you would like to be notified whenever I post a new entry you can sign up at (7/2013 – this seems to be no longer available).

Crystal Reports 2008 is ready for release

Friday 21 September 2007 @ 11:11 am

Business Objects has a new version of Crystal Reports ready for release called Crystal Reports 2008. They are planning on announcing it at the Insight Americas conference in mid – October. So far there is no public mention of this product that I can find except for one page that I am sure is only public by accident. But, that probably explains why they are allowing upgrades to XI for $99 through the end of September. They also recently began selling full developer copies of XI for only $395 till 9/28.

I do know that the partners are aware of this and probably have copies but otherwise there are no public descriptions of the changes or new features. If anyone has any information to add, please let me know.


Update: Tonight I found the main 3 new features of Crystal Reports 2008:

  1. On-Report Filtering (interactive filters for pulling subsets of data without a refresh)
  2. On-Report Sorting (single click to change the sort field and order without a refresh)
  3. Xcelsius content embedded in reports

There are probably many smaller changes and additions but these are the three that BO seems to be highlighting.

Understanding “Named User” Licensing for Crystal Reports

Monday 10 September 2007 @ 11:06 am

Here is a question that came up today and I was surprised to find that I didn’t have this info anywhere on my site. Crystal Reports is licensed under a “Named User” license. This means that if you have 5 people creating reports, then you need to have 5 copies or licenses for Crystal Reports. This doesn’t mean 5 simultaneous users, it means 5 specific individuals and no sharing. Now this isn’t mechanically enforced Continue Reading »
Understanding “Named User” Licensing for Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports Admin Position in Richmond

Tuesday 4 September 2007 @ 4:17 pm

I regularly get calls from my customers and 3rd party recruiters. They call me when they are looking to hire people that have Crystal Reports skills. Apparently, positions with these skills are hard to fill. I offer to help, but there isn’t much I can do, because people who are looking for a Crystal Reports related positions may not think to call me and tell me. So for the next few months I am going to try an experiment and see if any of my readers are actively seeking a position related to Crystal Reports. If you are looking for a Crystal Reports or BO Enterprise related position … well it wouldn’t hurt to let me know.

Just this week I found out that one of my customers in the Richmond area is looking for a “Crystal Administrator”, someone that can manager their Crystal infrastructure. Pretty good pay and benefits. So if you are looking for a Crystal Reports related position drop me a line and tell me what skills you have.

An Introduction to Eclipse for Visual Studio users

Monday 3 September 2007 @ 12:45 pm

I have mentioned the Eclipse development environment (IDE) before. It is a rapidly spreading “open source” alternative to Visual Basic. I mentioned it originally because some BI Vendors were developing “open source” BI/reporting tools for Eclipse. Then Business Objects released a free Eclipse plug-in that allows you to create and deploy Crystal Reports using a pure Java engine.

If you are a Visual Studio Developer and are considering trying Eclipse, this article from IBM might prove useful as an introduction since it is written specifically for VS users. There is also some commentary on Slashdot that you might find interesting.

I am also looking for someone who has tried or is currently using Crystal Reports for Eclipse to get some feedback. If you are interested in discussing your experience with CR for Eclipse, please drop me a line


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