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New ‘bursting’ feature in Crystal Dispatch

Friday 28 June 2024 @ 7:48 pm

Adam Butt at APB reports just added a new feature to Crystal Dispatch, his ‘simple-to-use’ Crystal Reports viewer. Crystal Dispatch lets you create a shortcut for any report. Clicking that shortcut runs the report without needing to have Crystal Reports installed. After the first time you run the report it can encrypt and store your credentials.

The new features allows you to automatically export a grouped report to multiple PDFs – one per group. Each file is automatically named based on the Group Name field in the report.  This gives you a simple way to control the exported file names. The bursting happens very quickly.

If you want to try Crystal Dispatch, or any of the other viewer programs available for Crystal Reports, you can follow this link for Crystal Dispatch. To learn about all Crystal Reports viewers in more detail you can read my Viewers Comparison page.

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