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The Expert's Guide to Crystal Reports Formulas

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Learn to write formulas like a Pro, and understand them!

Let me take you "under the hood" with my book, The Expert's Guide to Crystal Reports Formulas.  The guide explains Crystal Formulas from the simplest to the most complex.  And, you get more than just examples of syntax.  I explain how the various techniques work, why they work and when to use them.  I cover all of the major topics, including tips and tricks that are rarely taught in classes.  So, if you want a clear explanation of variables, arrays, looping logic and select case statements, this guide is for you.  See the full list of topics below.
I bought your guide to Crystal formulas and your intro made things quite a bit clearer, Crystal building a table in memory.
And I read your description of operations before the hump and after — with that too there was that same, "Oh. I get it ..."

Steve Howard, Bridgehampton, NY

The guide includes 32 annotated reports that demonstrate the techniques discussed in the material.  These reports are saved with data so you can immediately preview them, modify them and experiment.  The guide contains 46 no-nonsense pages of detailed explanations and practical examples.  It is applicable to all versions of Crystal including the newest CR 2013.  Most of the sample reports can be opened with versions as old as v8.5.  Crystal Syntax is used in all of the formulas.

I also provide Email support and telephone training on any Crystal Reports topic.  I charge $180 per hour billed in 15 minute increments.  This is a great way to learn Crystal technique, one-on-one, with a Crystal Reports expert.

The Expert's Guide to Crystal Reports Formulas:

The Basics of Writing a Crystal Reports Formula
        What Formulas Do
        What Formulas Can't Do

Formula Building Blocks
        Browsing and Pasting Literal Values
        Editing a Formula
        Moving a Formula to Another Report

Character Formulas
        Basic Character Operators
        Character Operators that Generate Boolean Values
        Character Functions

Numeric Formulas
        Basic Math
        Numeric Functions
        Summary Functions
        Summary Functions Across Detail rows
        Summary Functions Across Totals

Date Formulas
        Date Math Operators
        Using Today’s Date 
        Other Date Functions
        Assembling a Literal Date
        Converting a Date to Text
        Using IN with Date Range Functions
        Other Date Functions in Versions 8 and 9
        Date Tricks

Boolean Values
        The Basic IF-THEN
        Multiple IF-THEN
        Select / Case
        Is a Value "Between"
        Is a Value "One Of"
        The IsNull() Function
        Writing a Selection Formula
        Selecting Null Values
        Boolean Tricks

Misc. Functions
        Next() and Previous()
        OnFirstRecord, OnLastRecord
        Using Comment Marks

        An Overview of using Variables
        Syntax Rules for Variables
        Displaying a Variable
        Running Total formulas - the “Old Way”

Variable Ranges and Arrays
        Storing a Range Variable
        Displaying the Range Variable
        Creating an Array variable
        Storing Individual Items into an Array

Looping Logic
        How and When to use a FOR Loop
        How and When to use a WHILE Loop

Special Formulas:
        Conditional Formatting Formulas
        The 2 (or 3) Selection Formulas

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