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"I've been reading your posts for years, and feel I owe you a debt of gratitude because I would not be nearly as skilled a Crystal developer as I am without the benefit of your willingness to share your vast experience."
Jennifer C. - Springfield, MO. 

 Archives for years 2001 - 2004:

Volume 2004.11
  • Class Action Suit Against Business Objects
  • The end of concurrent licenses?
  • Security issue with JPEG files
  • Reportal v3
  • SQL Expressions that do Correlated Subqueries
  • When using a Command can Slow Things Down

Volume 2004.10
  • Distinct Sum when the duplicates are not consecutive
  • Registry key to turn off auto linking in v9
  • Free and Simple Bar Code Fonts
  • Tricks to using the Mailing Label Wizard
  • Finding the First or Last Friday of the Month (or any weekday)
  • How many Mondays in a date range
Volume 2004.09
  • Spam Filters and this Newsletter
  • When Crystal tries to be "helpful" (and how to avoid it)
  • A New Access Report Converter
  • A New Report Translation Management Tool
  • Improved Rounding to the nearest 5 cents
  • Alternate Method for Splitting a Section

Volume 2004.08
  • Actuate offers a Crystal 'converter' service
  • Using the Performance Info in v9 and v10
  • Finding groups where the last record meets a criteria
  • Export to a secured PDF (no Printing, Changing, etc w/o password)
  • Rounding to the nearest 5 cents

Volume 2004.07
  • Free Support for Crystal Reports
  • Crystal ends free support for v8.5
  • Putting Percentages in a cross-tab
  • Aligning Text objects with Fields in v10
  • Experiences with Crystal Support

Volume 2004.06
  • Security Flaw in Crystal Enterprise
  • SQL Server Native Client and syntax changes
  • Other reasons to keep a copy v8.5 around 
  • Parameter for ALL including Nulls (Improved)
  • Export to PDF and color code the PDF Bookmarks
  • Changing a command causes CRv10 to shut down
  • PrintDate vs DataDate (and another bug in v10)

Volume 2004.05
  • Broadcast License restrictions removed from CRv10
  • New shareware viewer/manager "Crystal Delivery"
  • Why you should turn off "Field Clipping" in any version of Crystal
  • How to use "OR" and still pass a WHERE clause to your SQL statement
  •  Visual Cut Exports to specific Excel tabs
  • "Keep Group Together" in v10

Volume 2004.04
  •  Lose your Repository when you 'upgrade' to CRv10
  •  Running Crystal Enterprise and Crystal Reports in Linux
  • Getting CR and CE Certifications from BO for $450
  • Crystal v11 to be released in late 2004?
  • CRv9 and CRv10 report files are already 'zipped'
  • Shutting of Smart Linking in CRv10
  • CRv9 and CRv10 can't use SQL Server native client
  • CRV9 Service Pack 3 released

Volume 2004.03
  • Summary of Crystal Enterprise v10 Options and Pricing
  • New "Business Days" Formulas:
  • Special Offer on SPL 2 and rpt Inspector 2
  • Visual Cut 3.0
  • Parameter remembers last choice in v10
  • Locking the size of a Box by going past the margin
  • New formula for 6-digit number to date.
  • Changing the Btrieve DAT file used by a report

Volume 2004.02
  • Summary of Crystal Reports v10 Editions
  • Comparison of Crystal to SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Free ODBC driver/Data Schema for QuickBooks
  • PeachTree SalesRep field moved 
  • OLE image objects glitch
  • Visual FoxPro file Name glitch
  • CDUGNA 2004 Conference
  • British Columbia Users Group Meeting
  • Dallas/Ft. Worth Users Group Meeting
Volume 2004.01
  • Review of Crystal Reports v10
  • License Changes in CRv10 
  • New Certification options for CR/CE v10
  • Bug in HTML Text Interpretation (v9)
  • Who might switch to SQL Server Reporting Services
  • CDUGNA 2004 Conference
  • Business Objects makes it official
Volume 2003.12
  • Using Bar Code Fonts in Crystal:
  • A description of SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Find a date based on Year and ISO Standard Date
  • Doing a SELECT in a SQL Expression field
  • Automatically Updating Repository Objects in Reports
  • Reinstall fixes bug?
Volume 2003.11
  • Crystal Reports v10
  • Business Objects User Conference
  • Discount on ICB Reports
  • Change Paper Tray / Orientation with DataLink Viewer 
  • Crystal Info looses support in 2004
  • The chart changes based on parameter values chosen?
  • Column Heading bug in v9
  • Some Functions not allowed when writing custom Functions
  • Custom Functions update only when you change File Options
Volume 2003.10
  • NEW! Quick Reference to Crystal Reports in VB.NET 
  • User Contributions:
  •     > RAS sample code
  •     > Displaying Multiple Range Parameters
  • Octoburst and OctoPDF
  • Crystal Command 
  • User Name Security in DataLink Viewer 
  • When "Select Distinct" doesn't work
  • "Convert Null to Default" is disabled?
  • Specifying Chart Colors by Group
  • Email Delays from Verio
Volume 2003.09
  • NEW! Expert Techniques for Crystal Reports Vol II - (more favorite Tips and Tricks)
  • Free copy of Crystal Enterprise 9 Professional
  • Encrypting RPT files (protect your source code)
  • Enhancements to Crystal Ease
  • An "Open Source" version of a Crystal Reports viewer
  • Bugs in v9 with .NET
  • Adding repository folders for Custom Functions
  • New PDFs on Crystal object models
  • Business Objects user Conference
  • Getting Column Breaks in a multi-column report
  • Discourage Identity Theft for 7 years (for free)
Volume 2003.08
  • NEW! Expert Techniques for Crystal Reports Vol I - (my favorite Tips and Tricks)
  • Some new details about SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Crystal Decisions bought by Business Objects
  • Crystal Enterprise Add-In for Microsoft Excel
  • Visual Cut now exports to PDF with Bookmarks
  • New Search feature on Crystal's website
  • Chart bug when using "Side by Side" install of Crystal
  • Mozilla - the browser without Pop-Up windows
Volume 2003.07
  • CR Advanced Free Trial 
  • Shopping Around for Crystal Services and Software
  • Crystal Passage includes Email
  • Charting Enhancements by 3D Graphics
  • Crystal Ease 3  
  • Using "Unlisted" Functions in SQL Expressions
Volume 2003.06
  • Response from CD to Broadcast Scenarios 
  • Microsoft Reporting Services Beta program
  • Crystal Decisions Going Public?
  • Parameter Fields with an Up-To-Date Pick List
    • CView Pick
    • DataLink Viewer
  • RAS ePortfolio parameter limits
  • BC Users Group
  • Report File Name without the path in v7
Volume 2003.05
  • Surprise Change in Crystal v9 Licensing
  • Broadcast Scenarios Update
  • Microsoft Gets Into Reporting?
  • Third Party Product Updates
    • Visual Cut
    • Cut Light
    • Reportal
  • Fax Distribution Tools
  • Crystal Partners Opt Out
Volume 2003.04
  • Crystal Broadcast License now $100,000
  • Crystal Broadcast scenarios
  • Preventing Unwanted Drill-Down
  • Section Background Color that fades gradually.
  • Third Party Product Update
    • Crystal Reports Distributor 3.0
    • rptViewer
    • DataLink Viewer
  • A New 3rd Party Report Distribution System
Volume 2003.03
  • My list of 3rd Party Products for Crystal Reports
  • Folder and Row level security for Crystal Enterprise Standard
    • Report Shield
    • ICB Viewer
  • Row Level Security for Crystal Enterprise Professional
    • APOS
  • Crystal Enterprise Prices
  • February Case Study Follow Up - CE9 RAS Advanced Edition
  • Using Currency Symbol Codes (Euro,Pounds Yen) in your Reports
Volume 2003.02
  • Crystal Enterprise v9 is Released
  • Free Download of VB.NET Book
  • User Group Meetings in British Columbia
  • National CDUGNA conference in British Columbia
  • Report on User Group meeting in DC
  • February Case Study - CE9 RAS Advanced Edition
  • Free Download of Crystal Passage Scheduler
  • Special Offer on Crystal Desk Report Scheduler Pro v9 
  • The Complete Reference for Crystal Reports v9 
Volume 2003.01
  • User Group meetings in DC and Central Virginia
  • Test your self with my Crystal Reports Skills Test
  • New Service Pack for Crystal Reports v8.5 
  • Report directly from COBOL data files, without ODBC drivers (Data2CR) 
  • Choose an Ascending or Descending sort with a parameter 
  • CRv8.5 Help files don't install on PCs with IEv6 
  • Bug in the Reimport Subreport feature
Volume 2002.12
  • NEW! The Expert's Guide to Crystal Reports Formulas
  • Download a complete list of all of Crystal's Technical Briefs
  • Converting MS Access Reports to Crystal Reports, automatically
  • Crystal Desk 3.0 Scheduler and a New Report Viewer
  • Using Cross-tabs to Increment Running Totals
  • A New Formula Debug/Trace Window in Crystal v9 
  • Warning! Crystal v9 Commands can now Read and Write
Volume 2002.11
  • First Hot Fix for v9
  • Stripping all punctuation from a string
  • Useful PDF files from Crystal Decisions
  • New Third-Party Products
  • Missing License Information
  • Displaying Range Parameters with "No Lower/Upper Bound"
Volume 2002.10
  • Web Deployment Options for CRv9 and RAS
  • Download the SQL designer and the Dictionary Editor for CRv9
  • Broadcast License clarified (some good news)
  • "Cloaking" a group in a report
  • New third-party products
  • Timberline incompatible with Crystal v9
  • Goldmine and Crystal v9 Standard
Volume 2002.09
  • Crystal Reports Version 9 New Features (Good and Bad)
  • Important License Changes in v9
  • Other small improvements in v9
  • Recommended improvements NOT made in v9
  • Features removed or made worse in v9
  • Washington DC Area User Group Meeting
  • Does your User Group Board Represent You?
  • Dallas-Fort Worth User Group Meeting
Volume 2002.08
  • Evaluating your Crystal Instructor
  • New Utility to Search/Modify an entire batch of Crystal Reports in one step
  • Reporting on Data that Isn't There
  • Additional CALs now affect Broadcast License
  • CUT Utility goes visual
  • Is there a subreport hidden in this report 
Volume 2002.07
  • Update of the VB Quick Reference Guide
  • Crystal and Actuate settle lawsuit
  • Why can't I total this formula?
  • Reading an external logo file at runtime
  • Mysterious shifting objects
  • Taking the owner out of a SQL server database connection
  • v8 Hot fix affects compiled reports
Volume 2002.06
  • Sneak Peek at Crystal Reports Version 9
  • Summary of Crystal Enterprise configuration options
  • Crystal Reports user groups
  • New version of Crystal Desk scheduler
  • CUT Email UFL does electronic bursting
  • How to move values from the last record to the Report Header
  • Carving a memo field into smaller pieces
Volume 2002.05
  • A new report viewer for only $35
  • A new "Hot Fix" for Crystal v8.5
  • Crystal presents evidence in lawsuit against Actuate
  • Using PeachTree UFL functions for Crystal Reports
  • Formula for adding a specific number of business days to a date
  • Formula for finding the last Friday (or any day) of month
Volume 2002.04
  • Distributing reports via Email
  • How to print "continued on NEXT page"
  • New tech articles on CD web-site
  • Converting IF-THEN criteria to a WHERE clause
  • CRv9 and Unicode support
  • How to improve the resolution when exporting to PDF
  • Printing check boxes and other symbols from formulas
Volume 2002.03
  • Crystal v9 going into Beta testing
  • Adding Functions to Crystal with UFLs
  • Checking your SQL statements against the ISO standard
  • Crystal Decisions Sues Actuate for false advertising
  • New add-on products for Crystal Reports
  • Page numbers for Cross-tabs
  • The effect of dashes on the VAL() function
Volume 2002.02  
  • Questions to ask while planning a Crystal Reports deployment
  • Understanding the Crystal Reports licenses and fees
  • Options for deploying Crystal Reports to multiple users
  • An even *better* place to buy Crystal on the Web
  • Washington DC Area User's Group Meeting in February
  • Finding a stray formula so that it can be deleted
  • Compile feature is now only for Developer's Edition
Volume 2002.01
  • Where to buy Crystal Reports on the Web
  • CR Upgrade Policy
  • Buying Crystal Reports on Ebay
  • Expanding the design area of Crystal Reports
  • Calculating the Quartile from the percentile
Volume 2001.12
  • The new Protege program
  • The Crystal Reports "HotFix" update for v8.5
  • Crystal, the Registry and INI files
  • Formula for finding the first Monday of the current month
  • Using "OR" for selection when you may have Null values
Volume 2001.11
  • Crystal Authorization vs. Certification
  • Email support from Crystal Decisions
  • Active DLLs
  • Forcing Table Inflation to create duplicate records
  • The Stealth Subreport
Volume 2001.10
  • Bugs in v8.5
  • CrystalDesk
  • Default Settings
  • Mystery DLL names in CR
  • DateTime fields in QRY Files
Volume 2001.09  
  • Support from Crystal, Tek-Tips and other resources
  • Putting a Title onto a Cross-tab
  • The Saved Data trap
  • Calculating the number of "Work Days" between two dates
  • Using the Compile feature in Versions 8 and 8.5