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"I've been reading your posts for years, and feel I owe you a debt of gratitude because I would not be nearly as skilled a Crystal developer as I am without the benefit of your willingness to share your vast experience."
Jennifer C. - Springfield, MO. 

 Archives for years 2018 and later:

Volume 2018.09
  • Updated comparison of Crystal Reports viewers (2018)
  • Service Pack 3 for Crystal Reports 2016
  • Crystal Reports versions over time (2018)
  • Crystal Reports FAQ on the SAP website
  • Selection based on two different records in the same group
  • A temporary formula change that expires automatically
  • Why is the group tree ODD sometimes?
  • Numbers that touch operator words
  • Gems from the Archives:

Volume 2018.07
Volume 2018.05
  • Server-based scheduler comparison (2018)
  • Formula to group into 2-month periods.
  • Adding static and dynamic images to Crystal Reports.
  • Listing all formula changes with Notepad++
  • Column headings for cross-tabs
  • Using a "display string" turns off HTML interpretation
  • No current Crystal Reports certifications
  • New SQL Server OLEDB provider supports TLS 1.2
  • Gems from the Archives:

Volume 2018.03
  • Comparison of desktop-based schedulers (2018 update)
  • Lasso multiple objects without selecting lines and boxes.
  • Using "Order Links" to improve performance
  • Adding info to dynamic parameters
  • Printing "group continues on next page"
  • Trouble with the suppress condition for a line
  • Blocking drill-down based on a condition
  • Titles for Cross-tabs that spill onto horizontal pages
  • Gems from the Archives

Volume 2018.01