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Adding Zip Code or County maps to Crystal Reports:

The Crystal map feature uses a runtime version of MapInfo Professional (now owned by Pitney Bowes).  This runtime allows state maps, country maps, a zip code map of Washington DC and (with a secret tweak) a county level map for the Mid-Atlantic states.  If you want to do Zip Codes for another state or county level maps for other regions you have to purchase additional tab files or 'layers' and install them with the MapInfo runtime.  The following are the costs as of October 2009:

Zip codes for all states - $2,250 for one user
Counties for all states -  $495 for one user

After several phone calls I finally found someone at MapInfo that could explain the process for installing these files in a Crystal environment:

Here are the steps according to MapInfo (I have not tested them):

1. Place the map files (.DAT .TAB .GST .MAP .ID .IND) into the folder:  Program Files / MapInfo MapX / Maps
2. Now go the folder:  Program Files / MapInfo MapX / Program  and execute the MIGM30.EXE applet. This will open the Geodictionary Manger
3. Select the "Register" button. This will open up a browse window allowing you to select the .TAB mapping files.
4. You will notice that there are multiple .TAB files for each map package. For example, the Canada map package will contain .TAB files for Capitals, Canadian Highways, Cities and the Canada map itself. These .TAB files will have to be registered one at a time. Select the First .TAB to be registered and depress the "Open" button. This will open up the Table Properties window.
5. Create a name for this new map. For example you may want to name the Can_caps.TAB file "Canadian Capitals". This will ensure that when layers are added or removed from the Map Expert it is clear as to which layers are present.
6. Ensure that the new layer is present in the Registered Tables windows, and then exit the Geodictionary Manger.

The new layers will now be present when adding or removing map layers within Crystal Reports.