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Crystal Reports Skills Tests:

Would you like to test your Crystal Reports knowledge?  I have 2 tests that you can take - Intro and Advanced.  The questions in each level correspond to the material that I teach in my Intro Class and my Advanced Class.  Submit your answers and see how you did in relation to everyone else.

There are two PDF files with the test questions (one for each level) and a spreadsheet for entering your answers. Please don't open a test file until you are ready to start because I want you to note the time you start and stop.  There is no time limit, but knowing the test times will help me see if there is a correlation between test speed and scores.

Intro Test (don't open until you are ready to start)
Advanced Test (don't open until you are ready to start)
Answer Sheet  (see instructions below)

Enter your answers into the scoring spreadsheet and Email that to me (  so that I can score your test. If you prefer you can write the answers on paper during the test and transfer them into the spreadsheet.  I hope the naming is obvious (In03 is intro question number three, Ad13 is advanced question number 13, etc). A few questions have more than one correct answer. If you find a question where more than one answer seems correct, please do not enter them both.  Select one and if it matches either of the correct answers you will get credit for that question.  

Before you take the test:
1) Please rename the spreadsheet file to YourName.xls. (so I know which is which)
2) Enter the following information into the first few columns of the scoring spreadsheet:
Email (the Email I used when sending you the test)
Years Experience
Intro Class (Have you taken an Intro level class?)
Adv Class (Have you taken an Advanced level class?)
3) I have filled out an answer row with random letters, simply as a guide. Please put your information and answers on the line above mine.

After you take each test:
1) Please enter your time(s) into the following columns:
Time Intro in minutes (how long did you spend on the Intro test)
Time Adv in minutes (how long did you spend on the Advanced test)
2) Save the spreadsheet and send it back to me for scoring

I send out results once per week on Monday morning. All answer sheets submitted before Sunday night will be included in that Monday's batch.  Your score sheet will show:

1) Your total score and the percentage correct for each level
2) Your answers and which were correct/incorrect
3) The correct answers for all questions
4) A percentage for each question showing how many got that question correct
5) The scores for each Quintile relative to other test takers to date.
6) Average test times and years experience for all who have taken these tests to date.

Good Luck!

Ken Hamady