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Using my Crystal Reports Class for CPE hours:

If I am a CPA, can I use your Crystal class as CPE credit?

Yes for AICPA, maybe for your state.  According to the guidelines on the AICPA website, programs qualify if they:
    "contribute to the member's professional competence and are formal programs.
     No specific subject areas are required."

According to the formula they provide, a typical 2-day class will be worth 14 CPE hours.
You should keep the following documentation:

                  1.Title and description of content (print the course outlines from my website main page)
                  1.Sponsor of the class.
                  3.Dates of the class
                  5.Number of CPE hours

Some sponsors/students also prefer having a sign-in sheet, since I don't typically provide certificates of completion.
If you would like me to have the students sign-in, please provide me with the sign-in sheet before class.

If I am not a CPA but I have CPE requirements, can I use your Crystal class as CPE credit?

Possibly.  That depends on the requirements of your profession.   If you are unsure, please give me a call and I will try to find out for you.