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Crystal Reports Training (Public Classes)

Individual students can now get the same expert instruction I provide to my corporate clients by attending one of my public classes in Frederick, MD (convenient to Northern Virginia and the Washington, DC area).   I teach each of these classes myself, using my own signature course materials.   Tuition is $940 for a 2-day class or $1650 for a 3-day class.  Each student receives:
1) My own course materials
2) A signed certificate of completion
3) Copies of the exercises used in class.
4) My toll free number and Email address for questions after class.

       Introductory Class - 2-days
       Advanced Class -  2-days
       Combined Class -  3-days (Intro and Advanced)

 The classes are held in Frederick, MD near the Francis Scott Key Mall and run from 9:00 - 4:30 each day.  The course is taught on the most recent version of Crystal but if you need to learn an older version don't let that stop you. All versions in the past decade are essentially the same with only minor differences.  And, I am an expert in all versions back to v5 (1995) so I can teach you all the things that you need to know about your version.  

If you are interested in taking one of these classes please send me an Email that includes:

  • Your name
  •  The class(es) you would like to attend
  • The date range you are available for training.

Once I have the minimum number of students in the same date range I will contact those  students to work out dates.