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What is Tek-Tips?

Tek-Tips is a large group of Internet forums where over 1 million technical professionals swap ideas.   Tek-Tips has some of the most heavily used Crystal Reports forums on the Internet. One of these forums has registered 55,000 Crystal users.  I am currently ranked in the top 3 of the All-Time MVPs in that forum. I was in the top 3 for 18 years when I stopped participating in free forums a few years ago. 

How do you get ranked as an MVP?

TT members post questions or technical problems, and other professionals (like me) volunteer answers or solutions.  If an answer is particularly helpful, another member can mark that answer as an "Expert" post - giving it a star.  MVPs are ranked by the number of stars received.  The voting is voluntary and monitored for artificial votes. I can't think of a better way to publicly demonstrate my ability to solve real-world Crystal problems.

TT forums have slowed a bit recently but you can still join for free. This gives you the ability to search the entire archive by keyword, including over 8,000 of my own responses.