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32 Useful Crystal Reports Formulas

To learn the techniques used in these formulas you can get:

          The Expert's Guide to Crystal Reports Formulas
Expert Techniques for Crystal Reports volumes 1 - 4

1. The number of "business days" between any two dates

2. Converting a numeric date to a true date

3. Converting a character date to a true date

4. Prompt to change the sort/group, with fields of mixed data types

5. Adding a month or months to a date


6. Calculating an accurate age Integer from a date of birth

7. Printing parameter selections for multiple or range values

8. Making multiple variable assignments in one formula

9. Converting total seconds to a formatted "elapsed time" string

10. Conditional total using an If-Then-Else formula

11. Conditional total using a running total

12. Manual cross-tabs (cross-tabs that allow formulas)

13. The number of business hours between two datetime values

14. Distinct count of an If-Then-Else formula

15. Convert numbers to text, showing only non-zero decimal places

16. Append a list of detail strings into one line

17. Adding a number of business days to a date

18. How to print "continued on next page"

19. Finding the last Friday of the month

20. Removing the path from the "File Path and Name" field

21. Find the Monday of a specific week (using ISO standard week no.)

22. Rounding to the nearest nickel, or other odd increment

23. Finding the first Friday of the month

24. Finding the number of Fridays in a date range

25. How to find Good Friday (or Easter) for any year

26. How to generate a list of common holidays for any year

27. Today's date in contract format

28. Grouping by a non-calendar week

29. Converting a decimal to fraction

30. Calculating periods in 5-4-4

31. Calculating fiscal YTD

32. Calculating fiscal and calendar quarters