Updates to Third Party Products

Tuesday 22 July 2008 @ 3:53 pm

As of March, Logicity 1.6 is available. Logicity is a combined viewer and scheduler. It now features CR 2008 compatibility. Logicity has a free version and a paid (supported) version.

As of July, DataLink Viewer 2008 is available.  DataLink Viewer now features CR 2008 compatibility

CR Chart 3.5 is now available.  CR Chart enhances the charting capabilities of Crystal Reports and is made by the folks who create the charting feature for Crystal Reports.  CR Chart 3.5 is CR 2008 compatible and has 30 new macro features to enhance your charts.

As of June Easy View 2.0 is available.  Easy view is a combined viewer and scheduler.  It now supports CRXI along wth several other improvements. It runs $39 for a single copy.

See my LINKS page for more info on these products.

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