New Features in Find It EZ

Saturday 6 October 2012 @ 9:17 am

The developers at Find it EZ have been busy recently – adding new features to their code searching software. Find it EZ already had a solid search function that lets you search a folder of reports and find virtually anything in any part of the report.  Recently they have been refining their Report Definition document so that it is more complete and flexible. A Report Definition document summarizes all of the key objects and features in an RPT file.  In addition to all the basic features it now includes the Tables and Joins, SQL Commands and SQL Expressions, Images, Charts, Cross-tabs and even lines and boxes.  So it is about as thorough as it can be.  And by setting search filters you can focus the output on the features you need to see.

The developers have also been working on a way to let users see the SQL query that is automatically generated by the Crystal Reports Engine. Up to now the only way to generate the SQL for a report has been to log the report into the database. Find it EZ has developed a way to generate equivalent SQL for any RPT without requiring a database connection. While the SQL may not be exactly the same as that generated by the report, it is equivalent ANSI standard SQL.

So if you are looking for a tool to help you manage a quantity of reports, your first step should be this article.   It compares the available features for all of the tools in this category and gives a capsule description of each.  But these new features are not included in the matrix yet. If you think these features are useful, then you should download the free trial of Find it EZ.

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