Missing dll for reading Windows folders

Tuesday 8 September 2015 @ 9:00 am

One of my customers received an upgrade from CR XI to CR 2011 when he upgraded to SAGE 100 software. He was surprised that the new version was missing the DB connector he used to report off of his file system for document management and version control. I have written about reports that read a Windows folder before. I suggested that he try a custom install to make sure that the option was checked and he reported that there was no option for this driver in his install.

So I had him run one of the existing reports that used this connection to see if it would run. CR gave an error that said he was missing the CRDB_FileSystem.dll. So I told him to move the CRDB_FileSystem.dll from the XI environment to the 2011 environment and then the report ran with no problems.

I am not sure if this dll was dropped from the SAGE distribution, or dropped from the 2011 upgrade but if you are using this type of connection and lose it on an upgrade, you should be able to get it back with the dll from your old environment.

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